Green Star Qualified

The RetroPlate System is Green and our customers and their customers care about that! RetroPlate is, pure and simple, a modified sodium silicate that interatcts with the calcium hydroxide (free lime) in the cement component of concrete. In utilizing RetroPlate, you and your customers are taking safe, naturally occurring materials to enhance the strength of the concrete.

Abrasion Resistance

The RetroPlate System increases the abrasion resistance by up to 400% (ASTM C779). As a surface treatment, RetroPlate provides the greatest increase in strength at the top of the floor and allows for unmatched abrasion resistance.

Water Repellancy

The RetroPlate System chemically and mechanically locks up the pores at the surface of the floor. This densification process inhibits the penetration of water, oils, and other contaminants.

Eliminates Dusting

RetroPlate closes off the surface of the floor and locks in the concrete salts, thus keeping the surface from dusting. This dramatically reduces maintenance costs by keeping equipment, machinery, and finished manufactured products free of concrete dust.

Marble-Like Shine

With the RetroPlate System, three levels of shine are provided. Level 1 is a matte finish, providing a light shine, which increases over time with traffic and regular scrubbing. Level 2is a high gloss shine with a good degree of reflectivity. Level 3 is a marble-like shine, increasing the reflectivity by at least 30%. Each level provides ease of maintenance and will increase the floor's resistance to scratching or wear.

Ease of Maintenance

By creating a smooth, dust free surface, maintenance is reduced dramatically. Tire marks are eliminated. A national eye care manufacturer claims that the RetroPlate System has reduced their maintenance by 90%.

Increases Floor Hardness

Testing shows that the RetroPlate System increases the floor's impact resistance by 21% (ASTM C805).


A RetroPlate floor has no adverse effects from ultraviolet light or water spray (ASTMG23-81). The RetroPlate System creates a durable floor that withstands traffic, abrasion, and daily abuse.

Additional Safety Features

The RetroPlate System removes dangerous joint slippage. Although imparting a beautiful shine, RetroPlate does not create a slippery floor. The RetroPlate System is environmentally safe.

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