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Important For Floors

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Care and attention for the concrete floor.

Wet Cured Concrete

If concrete floor has been wet cured under plastic.
Scrub and vacuum immediately after removing the plastic.

Tyre Marking.

Only white tyres or bandaged black tyres are allowed to drive on the floor surface.
Do not drive any type of vehicle on the concrete floor with black tyres.


Drop sheets must be used at all times for Painting, Plastering, Plumbing, Sprinkler installation, Food, Drinks, Tea, Coffee.
Make sure clay from site / civil work not carried onto the concrete.

Concrete Cutting.

If the concrete is cut / drilled or water is used for any other reason the slurry and waste water must be removed.
The surface must be washed and all water removed leaving a clean dry surface.

Cherry Pickers / Scissor Lifts.

Always pre check for engine or hydraulic oil leaks.
Always use drop sheets, (for driving, working and servicing).

Material Storage.

All materials must be placed on pallets or on timber bearers.
Use drop sheets to protect concrete from timber stains.

Emergency Procedure

Quickly remove the spill from the floor surface
Wash the area with a mild cleaner, (dish washing liquid).
Flush with clean water then completely dry the surface.
Do not use abrasive or acid based cleaning materials
Contact site supervisor or call 0800-35-9000.
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