Advanced Floor Products takes great pride in providing a "GREEN" and environmentally friendly system. Taking care of our environment is becoming a greater concern for owners, contractors, architects, and others involved in construction, and we are proud to provide a system that meets those demands.

Defining Green

When people think of the term "GREEN", they are thinking of how they can minimize their impact on the Earth. In other words, how they can live, breathe and build without causing , or at least minimizing, harm to the environment.

Environmentally Safe

One of the many advantages of using RetroPlate is the fact that it is environmentally safe. The RetroPlate system uses no solvents or volatile organic compounds. It is also an odorless, nonflammable, and nontoxic system. If an existing coating is removed in preparation for the RetroPlate System, we recommend using a wet grinding process, which bypasses the need for stripping with acids and other strong chemicals. In every step of the Retroplate System, an environmentally safe approach is taken.

Program (LEED)

RetroPlate has earned its PLATINUM, GOLD and SILVER on numerous projects. To learn more about the LEED program, visit www.usgbc.org.

Natural Process

In every step of the RetroPlate System, an environmentally safe approach is taken. When you or your customers utilize RetroPlate, you are simply taking a formulation of water and naturally occurring materials to strengthen the concrete. By refurbishing the existing concrete, we are recycling, and saving energy as well as landfill space.

Natural Product

The RetroPlate product, being a water-based sodium silicate, works by chemically interacting with the calcium hydroxide in the cement component of concrete. We are not creating a topical floor covering, nor are we creating a flooring product that will require extensive maintenance, stripping, ongoing topical treatments or future disposal in a landfill. We are simply utilizing natural products to enhance the performance of other natural products, and we do it in a safe, environmentally friendly and cost efficient way.

The Natural Answer

Corporations, retailers, school districts, healthcare facilities, architects and facility managers are all looking at ways to lower costs, both to their operation and to the environment. What the RetroPlate System provides has minimal or no environmental impact, and these individuals are finding out that building "GREEN" is not only good for the planet, but also for business and public perception. Once a project has committed to being "GREEN", it is natural for RetroPlate to be considered. The RetroPlate product is natural, the process is natural, and the maintenance process utilizes water and a neutral cleaner. RetroPlate is the natural answer.

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